Dolphin 70E Black Scan PhoneWhile there a multitude of EPOS software solutions designed to run on smartphones, most consumer handsets are typically ill-suited to the demands of every day use in a mobile retail environment. Fragile screens and bodies combined with hardware features designed for casual conversation mean it’s often necessary to use such smartphones in conjunction with pre-existing EPOS hardware such as barcode scanners. This is often a fiddly, inelegant task that can slow the sales process right down.

In order to address the needs of retailers and other professionals who require a more robust and specialized smartphone, Honeywell have introduced the Dolphin 70e Black. This rugged piece of kit follows in the footsteps of Honeywell’s Dolphin 6000, improving on the 6000′s design thanks to the switch to a large 4.3″ touchscreen which is fully visible in direct sunlight.

Available with either the Windows operating system or the increasingly popular Android, the Dolphin Black also features:

  • An enterprise class imaging scanner for barcode scanning and data capture
  • Full submersion water resistance and complete dust resistance (IP67 rating)
  • User replaceable 12 hour battery

A fully capable smartphone capable of making calls, sending texts and browsing the web wirelessly or over cellular connections, the Dolphin Black can also be used to run EPOS software, scan barcodes and look up product information. It has been specifically designed to be tougher than typical consumer handsets and so can easily cope with the rough and tumble of everyday use in a busy retail or warehousing environment. It can also easily be used in any other data capture setting, such as in medical work.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Dolphin Black weighs in at a mere 198 grams. For comparison, a decidedly less rugged iPhone 4S weighs 140 grams, while a Samsung Galaxy Note weighs 178 grams. At approximately 18mm thick, the Dolphin Black fits easily into a pocket when not in use. It is an ideal all-in-one device that can move seamlessly from warehouse to office to shop floor to the road.

The Dolphin Black will be released in February 2013.

Product Video